the Connected Heart Project

Do you know why you keep hitting obstacle after obstacle, personally and professionally?

It’s not what you think.

I Invite You To Join The Connected Heart Project

  • Identify the lies you have told yourself about who you are and that have caused you to miss your goals.

  • Find yourself, your true self in Christ. She is amazing, powerful, and able.

  • Grab hold of joy - real, love my life joy. And live it every, single day.

  • Really like who you are. Never feel not good enough again. Instead, know that you are more than enough all the time.

  • Write your new, true story. This one won’t have limits, overwhelm, and frustration. Instead, it is the story you were born to live. It’s a bestseller.

  • Create life-giving rather than life-sucking relationships that support and encourage you to live out your best self.

  • Learn how to have your mind work for you instead of sabotaging you. Silence that inner bully and transform her to your best friend who loves you, encourages you, and helps you reach your dreams.

Rather than looking outward to a new way to reach our goals,

we can look inside, find our internal blocks and limits, and remove them.

You see, the problem is internal. It always was.

It’s not your fault that you’ve put so much heart, soul, and effort into your life and career only to gain overwhelm, burn out, and missing the mark.

What we believe about ourselves, we live out. If what we believe is not true then we live out a lie and all the frustrated efforts that come with it.

The story we are living defines the success or failures we will have. Your story has not matched your calling, and until it does, your life will not change.

When we change the story that we tell ourselves, when we claim the truth of who we are in Christ, then there are no limitations to hold us back from the big life He has called us to.

Then, we will finally have self-confidence to reach our goals without the self-sabotage that kept them just out of reach.

Transformed on the inside means you will have cleared a path to your dreams, goals, and future.

We Need to Rebuild Your Foundations

The foundations that tell you who and why you are.

The foundations that hold you back into ones that propel you forward.

The foundations of your identity that determine how you live with others.

Unless you repair these, there is no hope of living the big life Christ calls you to.

In the Connected Heart Project, I will show you how to

break free of your limitations and finally see the path forward.

You’ll feel so comfortable in your own skin that you will love being you!

We will rebuild your heart, removing what doesn’t belong in you and filling in the gaps with confidence and truth.

And the new, true you will live out that truth, creating the success you want and making the impact on the world, and eternity, just as you are called to do.

It has completely changed the paradigm of my life and my ability to see where I actually stand with God, in His warm, loving arms, cherishing His darling daughter. I can hardly remember what it was like to see Him differently.

The shift is real, lasting, powerful!”


I not only discovered the truth about myself but also experienced, freedom, peace, and encouragement for a future full of HOPE! It is incredible how that transformation happened so quickly with full resolve!
Who the Son sets free is truly FREE indeed!

Thank you Dr. Kim for transforming my life for the better and all those who I will come in contact with!!"


You can be the woman of God in all her glory - success, freedom, wisdom, confidence and a great life in Christ.

When that old story is removed and your real story is put in place, it is like breathing. You just are the person you’ve always wanted to be. And, she doesn’t have rive, she just does who her amazing self is.

When we renew your mind, you’ll see what held you back and realize that it no longer has power over you. Now you’ll be enabled to reach any goal and be as successful as God has called you to be.

  • You can be a no guilt businesswoman, if that is what you choose to be...

  • Future focused...

  • With enough resources to fund your projects...

  • Care for yourself very well and not feel guilty about it...

  • Provide for your family...

  • Play in the big leagues...

  • Be respected and looked up to...

  • Don't second guess yourself...

  • Unapologetically your own woman...

  • Able to rely on yourself...

  • Your mind does not bully but encourages...

  • So much more.

There is a formula to limitless success.

It is Connecting Your Heart to Christ, to yourself, and to others. Does that sound too simple?

Let me explain. Or, better still, let me ask you a few questions:

Do you feel truly connected to the Lord?

If you do, in His presence you feel loved, enough, and at peace. He is your joy, and you know that you know that you know this relationship with Him is life itself.

Do you feel truly connected to yourself?

Yes? Then you really like who you are and how you are designed. You feel that you are enough for anything that comes your way. You believe in yourself and your abilities and you know that whatever desire God places in your heart you can achieve. You have no inner bully that discourages and belittles you.

Do you feel healthily connected to others?

Your relationships are life-giving, you have strong boundaries in place. Respect, mutuality, no hiding, no games, and fun?

If you didn’t answer a resounding “yes” to each of those then I guarantee you that you have obstacles inside that will never let you fully succeed.

Instead, your mind is trying to control you, protect you, and keep you playing small. Your story is not what it should be, but still you are living it out on autopilot. And, that story is why you don’t succeed, can’t succeed.

It has placed limits all around you so you don’t get hurt and then causes the very pain it is trying to protect you from. How is that working out for you?

It is time to reconnect your heart, rewrite your story, and choose a new ending.

The Connected Heart Project is an online life success transformation program. It is intentional life transformation in a small, select community of Christian women who are done playing small, feeling small, and ready to go big.

Rewire your thinking and rebuild your core foundations.

  • Finally, obtain your goals because you have been set free from those internal imitations that held you back...

  • See the full calling God has placed on you and be excited to fulfill it...

  • Think like the woman God thinks you are - able to do all He has called you to do with excellence...

  • Know how to break down your goals using my Life Success Method, so that they are detailed, obtainable, and exciting...

  • Rewrite your story into one that has “well done good and faithful servant” in the last chapter...

  • Be your own best friend and encourager, believing in yourself and your ability to convert dreams into reality...

  • Have healthy relationships with God, yourself, and others.

The Connected Heart Project Team

Work directly with Dr. Kim

Life Transformation Specialist

Leading a revolution of Christian women who have had enough of being told what they cannot be and do for Christ. Rebuilding her client’s identity from the ground up into a powerful monument of what God can do with a woman sold out to Him.

Nothing less than the freedom to be every bit of God’s design and live it out powerfully is acceptable.

and Robin Elias

Certified Christian Counselor and Life Coach

It brings me great joy to see sisters in Christ realize the potential they carry and take the next step to implement that into their lives! It is truly an honour to walk with them into their new beginning and a future filled with hope! Who the Son sets FREE is Free indeed! So why not you?

and Stephanie Uy

Executive Assistant extraordinaire!

Making it all work seamlessly. This incredible woman loves the Lord, is greatly gifted by Him and we absolutely rely on her to live out her design so we can serve you well. She will be a daily part of ensuring that CHP runs smoothly so the Spirit is not hindered.

It is time for you to connect to your true self and calling

Join our Next Group

We will work together weekly in a small, select community of like-minded, motivated, Christ- following women.

Our twice weekly, interactive, live sessions ensure that you quickly rebuild your heart, weed out the lies that limit you, and enter into a whole new world of possibilities.

You will become the woman you were always meant to be - in weeks, not years.

You will take charge of your mind so that it empowers you instead of discourages you.

You will build an unshakeable foundation for the life, career, and relationships of your dreams.




Private Membership Site with New, Weekly Transforming Content

Live, Interactive Group Calls Twice Weekly

Private Messenger Service for Daily Connection

Team Taught by Dr. Kim and Robin Elias

Join our Next CHP

We will work together twice weekly in a small, select community of like-minded, motivated, Christ- following women.

Our interactive, live sessions ensure that you quickly rebuild your heart, weed out the lies that limit you, and enter into a whole new world of possibilities.

You will become the woman you were always meant to be - in weeks, not years.

You will take charge of your mind so that it empowers you instead of discourages you.

You will build an unshakeable foundation for the life, career, and relationships of your dreams.

"I feel valued and cared for in this group."

Dr. Kim's calm, grounding presence in my life has been monumental - her voice echoes in my mind throughout the day, reminding me of who I am in Christ. I'm so grateful for her mentorship.

Who knew that the voices of our past can weigh us down today and keep us from growth in the future? I was surprised to discover lies that I'd believed about God & myself that were keeping me stuck.

Dr. Kim doesn't just expose the lies - she acts as a guide to uproot them and move forward in freedom!

I've loved being a part of a community of like-minded women who have a common goal: we want to be transformed by Jesus!

I feel valued and cared for in this group. The Connected Heart Project is a safe place to share and learn together, and I'm so grateful I 'took the plunge' and signed up!"

– Rebekah

"Working with Kim has been life-changing"

My experience with working with Kim has been life-changing to say the least. As someone who has struggled for many years with depression and anxiety, she has given me a new hope and a new perspective on life. She has taught me how to think the way that God would think and has taught me skills to rewire the way that I think.

Kim has brought a happiness and self-confidence back into my life that I didn’t think I could ever have again.

She has shown me who our God really is, and how much he loves me. She has opened my eyes to see that there is still a beautiful life after trauma, and that anxiety and depression is not my identity.

I will forever be grateful for Kim and everything she has taught me.

She is truly an Angel here on Earth, and is changing lives forever.

– Nicole

Those that have graduated from The Connected Heart Project live with an internal peace and joy that they only dreamed possible.

What are you waiting for?

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