Totally transform your life in just weeks - Discover the amazing, powerful woman you were always meant to be.

Overcome the past, break free from self-sabotage and inner negativity, find your true self and live a fulfilling life

Do you know why you keep hitting obstacle after obstacle personally and professionally? It’s not what you think.

It happens because you are living out a story about yourself that is not true and it is keeping your life small. The story IS the obstacle.

The story we live defines the success or failures we will have. Until your story matches your God-given calling, your life will not change.

There is a solution! When you change the story you tell yourself, by claiming the truth of who you are in Christ, then there are no limitations to hold you back from the big life He has called you to.

Transformed on the inside, you will have cleared a path to your dreams, goals and future. All that frustration you’ve felt will be changed into limitless success.

You have found the high-level help you need

— and the transformation of your life will speak for itself in just weeks.

Let me help you shorten the time from a "too small life" to one with no internal limitations to hold you back from living a truly big life in Christ!

Give me three months and I will give you a new you.

We will heal your heart, rebuild your confidence and belief in yourself. We will give you a new story that is truly yours that is new, powerful, and joy-filled.

You will love stepping into the life you were always meant to have.

In the Connected Heart Project I've done it all for you. All you need to do is join me.

I know how to take you from where you are now to a new life and a new you that you love.

Here's What To Expect In Just 3 Months

  • Really like who you are. Know that you are more than enough all the time...

  • Identify the lies that created your too small story, erase them forever and discover your true story...

  • Heal the deep wounds of your heart so your past isn't controlling your today...

  • Remove your internal limitations, improve your decision making and stop self-doubt...

  • Find yourself, your true self in Christ. She is amazing, powerful, and able...

  • Grab hold of joy - real, love my life joy. And live it every, single day...

  • Write your new, true, next phase story. It is the story you were born to live. It’s a bestseller...

  • Create life-giving rather than life-draining relationships that support and encourage you...

  • Have your mind work for you instead of sabotaging you, encourages you, and helps you reach your dreams

  • Create the life you have only imagined and then live it every day!


Connection to God, love being you and live the life you’ve been waiting for.

"The Connected Heart Project has completely changed the paradigm of my life and my ability to see where I actually stand with God, in His warm, loving arms, cherishing His darling daughter. I can hardly remember what it was like to see Him differently.

The shift is real, lasting, powerful!”


"I not only discovered the truth about myself but also experienced, freedom, peace, and encouragement for a future full of HOPE! It is incredible how that transformation happened so quickly with full resolve!

Who the Son sets free is truly FREE indeed!

Thank you Dr. Kim for transforming my life for the better and all those who I will come in contact with!!"



#1 - The Connected Heart Project Intensive

Work with me one to one

Transform your life and relationships and be set up for real success.

This is totally tailored to your needs, it is not a one size fits all program...

  • 3 months working directly with me - my focus is fully on your transformation and healing and I will make sure you receive it...

  • Do you need healing for past trauma or abuse? You will get it.

  • Are you seeking intimacy and connection with Christ? It's yours

  • Do you want to remove your inner limitations? Let's do it.

  • Are you ready to discover your true self and love her? You will.

  • I am available to you daily to give support and encouragement, celebrate your wins, answer your questions and keep the transformation moving forward...

  • This is bespoke guided, transformational counseling, coaching and spiritual direction.

For the woman who wants transformation and freedom NOW.

Christian Counseling, Life Coaching and

Spiritual Direction Hybrid

Heal from the past

Create a powerful future

Supplemental Bonuses Tailored To You

Go Deep in the Lord

4 openings per quarter

by application only


payment plans available

I want to hear your story, the obstacles you need removed and your dreams for your future.

Let's see if this is how the Lord wants to transform your life.

#2 - The Connected Heart Project Home Study

Self-Led Plus Community

If you are self-motivated then going through The Connected Heart Project Home Study might be exactly how the Lord wants to transform your life and set you free.

You will also be included in a community of women so that you have connection with others who are on the same journey with you.

Self-Led but Not Alone

Life is busy. Fitting in a one-to-one program isn't always an option. But, self-led on your own is often not enough.

When you sign up for the CHP Home Study option you are not fully on your own. I will hold once a month group coaching so you can ask questions, share your big wins and we can connect.

Also, you can submit a question and I will answer it in a recorded video. These will be posted in our private course area.

  • Get to the core wounds and heal them while you also gain a deeper relationship with the Lord...

  • Reconnect your heart with yourself, God and others, remove your internal limitations and direct your life...

  • Gain intimacy with the Lord as you learn to find your true identity in Him...

  • Discover your design and the purpose for it...

  • Online, all the time so that you can be transformed at your pace.

  • Log into your private membership site and interact with the course work on your schedule. You and the Lord can do mighty things together.

  • Get to the core wounds and heal them while you also gain a deeper relationship with the Lord...

  • Reconnect your heart with yourself, God and others, remove your internal limitations and direct your life...

  • Gain intimacy with the Lord as you learn to find your true identity in Him...

  • Discover your design and the purpose for it...

  • Online, all the time so that you can be transformed at your pace.

  • Join a live, interactive, group coaching Zoom call every month

  • Online community available every day

This is for the woman who wants to grow at her own pace and in her own time.


Private Membership Site with New, Weekly Transforming Content

Work at your own pace - online all the time

Heal from the past

Create a powerful future

ONCE A MONTH live group coaching

Submit a question and receive a Loom recorded answer

Message me to set up a payment plan of 2 payments of $250.

Week by week your life will transform. This powerful course is the way to claim your new life in Christ.

You can be transformed from the inside out so that your life, relationships, and work absolutely reflect a powerful, competent, God-glorifying you.

Work directly with Dr. Kim

Life Transformation Specialist

Leading a revolution of Christian women who have had enough of being told what they cannot be and do for Christ.

Rebuilding her client’s identity from the ground up into a powerful monument of what God can do with a woman sold out to Him.

Nothing less than the freedom to be every bit of God’s design and live it out powerfully is acceptable.

It is time for you to connect to your true self and calling

Those that have graduated from The Connected Heart Project live with an internal peace and joy that they only dreamed possible.

"I feel valued and cared for."

"Dr. Kim's calm, grounding presence in my life has been monumental - her voice echoes in my mind throughout the day, reminding me of who I am in Christ. I'm so grateful for her mentorship.

Who knew that the voices of our past can weigh us down today and keep us from growth in the future? I was surprised to discover lies that I'd believed about God & myself that were keeping me stuck.

Dr. Kim doesn't just expose the lies - she acts as a guide to uproot them and move forward in freedom!

I've loved being a part of a community of like-minded women who have a common goal: we want to be transformed by Jesus!

I feel valued and cared for in this group. The Connected Heart Project is a safe place to share and learn together, and I'm so grateful I 'took the plunge' and signed up!"

– Rebekah

"Working with Kim has been life-changing"

"My experience with working with Kim has been life-changing to say the least. As someone who has struggled for many years with depression and anxiety, she has given me a new hope and a new perspective on life. She has taught me how to think the way that God would think and has taught me skills to rewire the way that I think.

Kim has brought a happiness and self-confidence back into my life that I didn’t think I could ever have again.

She has shown me who our God really is, and how much he loves me. She has opened my eyes to see that there is still a beautiful life after trauma, and that anxiety and depression is not my identity.

I will forever be grateful for Kim and everything she has taught me.

She is truly an Angel here on Earth, and is changing lives forever."

– Nicole

What do you see in your future? Is it what you want? We can change it.

Still have questions or want to discuss whether CHP is right for you?

Then, let's talk. I'll answer your questions and help you make the right choice.

Ready to join the Connected Heart Project Home Study? I am ready to work with you. Clicking the button below will take you right to the sign up form. I am seriously excited about having you with us.