In His Name


What I am going to tell you, most don't believe but that doesn't make it any less true. Here goes.

I've been successfully getting my clients' trauma memories healed in a single weekend for almost two decades.

Healing trauma and abuse memories can be completed in just days!

Heal Your Clients Quickly, Completely and Permanently

In just days, your counseling clients are freed of the PTSD, the triggers and the pain of trauma memories.

After a weekend counseling intensive, those memories that held so much power, now hold peace.

Their shame has been removed.

Their fear has been released.

The main emotions they feel when we are finished are relief and joy in contrast to the shame and pain they felt when we started.

Are you already thinking that this isn’t possible? Who is this crazy woman to say that healing can happen and happen quickly?

Let me ask you this: Who is your God?

Is He the Almighty, the God of the Impossible?

Did He say that He came to partially heal the brokenhearted and to set the captives a bit free?

I unapologetically say that our God heals and that He can and does heal completely, permanently and quickly. He is exactly who He says He is and I have seen Him do what is said to be impossible over and over again.

I’m going to share with you how He does this in what I call a “Weekend Breakthrough.” In this intensive counseling format, my clients do find real transformation in just a weekend.



Do you want to know how to truly heal your clients - in just days?

  • they will receive permanent, complete healing

  • lose the anxiety, fears, wounds, guilt, sadness, and obstacles

  • they receive inner healing, freedom and restoration

  • they will gain a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord as one of the outcomes of an intensive

  • they will leave the intensive freer than you ever thought possible and with healing that will be permanent and amazing

A Weekend Breakthrough

Heals Trauma Memories not in years but in DAYS!

  • I don't want my clients to just feel better, have somewhat better relationships, up-level their skills, and find a better way to manage stress.

Of course, all of those things are needed and are good, but that is not the goal. That is a band-aid on cancer. That is only tolerable recovery, not true recovery.

  • I want my clients to reclaim their real, stolen identities. I don't want to make the old one easier to live with.

Their identity has been shattered by trauma and abuse. They don't need a better limp. They need full restoration.

  • I don't want to help them to be more comfortable in the lie that they live. The lie that they are okay, the lies that they are shameful, forever damaged, and not good enough.

They can be freed from the tagline of "victim" and move to truly victorious. They no longer see themselves through what happened to them but through the eyes of a God who has a hope and future for them.

  • I want the clients to burst forth like a phoenix from the ashes.

Being freed from past pain is like being reborn into a whole, new world they never thought that they would experience.

1) I want to share with you the techniques I have used for two decades that fully heal my trauma clients.

2) I'd love to work with you and a small group of other counselors to learn this method so your clients experience the same healing and freedom.

Are you ready to up level your Christian counseling?

This is going to change your life!

I couldn't have been more skeptical but I also couldn't take the pain anymore. I'd been in counseling before and it didn't change anything. So, why would this weekend intensive thing work?

Well, it did! I'm still stunned. Those memories that haunted me don't bother me at all now. Instead, when I do think about them, and it isn't often, I just feel the peace of Christ. I am forever grateful for what Dr. West has done for


I wanted to get over the things that have bothered me for so long and I was ready to dive in and get it done.
I signed up for the counseling intensive thinking it would get me a jump start on my issues but figured I'd still need a lot of counseling after.

Well, we got so much accomplished that I have only needed two follow up sessions and they were both for really small issues.


HI, I'm Dr. Kim West

So, who am I to make this promise to you? I’m a woman who has focused on healing, growth, and a powerful life in Christ for over four decades.

I have been very intentional about this. I went to seminary and got a Master of Divinity in order to have a solid Biblical understanding of our Lord and who we are to be in Him and live powerfully with Him.

Then, I went on to get my PhD in Clinical Pastoral Counseling so that I can bring healing, wholeness, and freedom to us all. I have worked with countless Christian men and women to be healed, whole and free.

I’ve been doing what others say can’t be done for two decades – unleashing rapid, permanent healing for trauma, abuse and mental roadblocks.

I'm bring decades of experience, discipleship, teaching, counseling, mentoring, and spiritual direction as I teach you how to bring true, permanent and complete healing to your counseling practice.

I know you are skeptical. Let me send you information on how I do this!

Or, book a consultation and let's talk!