Your ticket to next level Christian living

This is going to change your life! Month by month, subject by subject, gain mastery over your life.

Discover the amazing, powerful woman you were always meant to be

Elevate is your ticket to Next Level Christian Living

Melissa and I had done the hard work. Her past trauma and abuse were fully healed. We had recovered her true identity. She felt a sweet and deep relationship with Christ and had a good start on her mind being a help instead of a hindrance.

What she needed next was continued and intentional growth. Melissa needed real, actionable life skills in every area of her life.

"How do I set boundaries without feeling guilty? How do I deal with strong emotions that come up, people pleasing, and growing myself?"

Those were just a few of her needs.

She also wanted to work on habits that would ensure her success. She wanted to live in joy, be even more sure of her relationship with the Lord, gain more confidence, and so much more.

So, we got started. We worked together for over a year, focusing on mastery in one area at a time.

As we did, her personal, spiritual, relational, and business growth were impressive. When we looked back on who she was a year prior, that woman seemed miles behind where she was now.

She became the woman she always dreamed of being because she took the reins and directed her life.

If you are like Melissa and ready for intentional, incremental growth that will empower you, build your confidence, and equip you for the Christian life you have always wanted, then Elevate is your ticket. Every month a new focus and mastery.

If you are ready for next level Christian living then join us.

This is going to change your life!

Elevate provides practical and easy to implement tools, life transforming teaching, and all in an amazing community. Faith, fun, freedom.

...Elevate You

- your heart, mind, confidence, strengths, and passions expand each month...

...Elevate Your Relationships

- you can have strong, healthy, life-giving people in your life and know how to handle those that are the opposite...

...Elevate Your Abilities

- become the strong, equipped, and enabled woman of God you've always wanted to be...

...Elevate Your Vision

- go big! in every area of your life. Never again accept a less-than life. Here is your opportunity to see exactly who you can be and be equipped to start living your best self.

Like Melissa, you will grow in amazing and powerful ways each

and every month when you decide to act! And, you will be able to look back and see measurable growth that changes your daily life, confidence, and joy - just like she did.

Here’s how Elevate works to change your Christian life:

What’s Included.

  • Monthly Practical, Applicable Growth

with Dr. Kim focusing on personal, relational, spiritual, and mental growth, and so much more. We will have only one focus a month so you can achieve mastery in that one area. And, then the next month another and the next…

  • Life Equipping And Transforming Training

(video, audio, and written formats) sent to you every Monday to start your week empowered and moving forward on that month's focus.

  • Weekly Live Q&A Zoom Calls

with Dr. Kim to go even deeper and quickly implement the transformation into your life and business. These are powerful, fun, and interactive.

  • Daily Interaction

through our private community on Volley. This is not Facebook. This is our own platform, totally private and where we can meet every day in a community of ever-growing Christian women.

Do you want to truly make your Christian life work?

Elevate is how to do it.

If you want to grow, change, and live a powerful Christian life, then Elevate will take you there. Step by step, month by month you will grow stronger, wiser and have a more powerful AND joyful life in Christ.

If you are ready for next level Christian living, then join us.

This is going to change your life!

It has completely changed the paradigm of my life and my ability to see where I actually stand with God, in His warm loving arms, cherishing His darling daughter. I can hardly remember what it was like to see Him differently.

The shift is real, lasting, powerful!”


I not only discovered the truth about myself but also experienced, freedom, peace, and encouragement for a future full of HOPE! It is incredible how that transformation happened so quickly with full resolve!
Who the Son sets free is truly FREE indeed!

Thank you Dr. Kim for transforming my life for the better and all those who I will come in contact with!!"


HI, I'm Dr. Kim West

So, who am I to make this promise to you? I’m a woman who has focused on healing, growth, and a powerful life in Christ for over four decades.

I have been very intentional about this. I went to seminary and got a Master of Divinity in order to have a solid Biblical understanding of our Lord and who we are to be in Him and live powerfully with Him.

Then, I went on to get my PhD in Clinical Pastoral Counseling so that I can bring healing, wholeness, and freedom to us all. I have worked with countless Christian women who also wanted to claim the promised life in Christ.

We have rebuilt identities from the ground up, removed inner limitations, and equipped them for a truly successful life in every area. And, now I’m bringing this to you.

Decades of experience, discipleship, teaching, counseling, mentoring, and spiritual direction will be focused on you and your intentional growth.

Elevate is where you can deliberately and unapologetically become the woman of God you have always wanted to be.

Here you will be supported, equipped, encouraged, and celebrated..




Monthly practical, applicable growth

Life equipping and transforming training

Weekly live Q & A zoom calls

Daily interaction

Join ELEVATE today

You can join Elevate for only $97 a month.

That is less than a cup of coffee each day to grow your heart, relationships, connection with Christ and others, learn immediately implementable skills that will greatly enhance your life, and watch yourself become an amazing woman of God.

This is going to be fun!

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