Heal Your Trauma & Abuse Memories in Just One Weekend!

Your Life Transformed in Days, Not Years!

Transform Your Life in Just Days: Unlock Christ's Healing Power!

The results of a Weekend Breakthrough are

nothing short of life-changing.

For my clients, that has meant that their Painful Memories:

✓ hold no more power to disrupt daily life...

✓aren't causing limitations in thinking that keep them playing small...

✓can't stop them from enjoying success...

✓hold no more shame...

✓they feel at peace with what once caused heartache...

✓they are truly healed, whole, and free of past, painful memories. Period.

Through this healing process, they are now whole and free from the past.

There is freedom waiting for you. You can put an end to:

✘anxiety ✘depression ✘painful memories ✘codependency ✘ptsd ✘apologizing

✘inner bully ✘attracting unhealthy relationships ✘reliving your trauma ✘and more.

A Weekend Breakthrough is vastly different than traditional counseling.

You actually receive healing from your painful memories.

You don't leave after a 50-minute session and try to function until next week's session. Instead, we stay in it together until you have full healing.

We never leave a memory unfinished. If it doesn't feel like the peace of Christ, we keep working it until it does. He hasn't failed yet to bring full healing and freedom, even to the most traumatic of memories.

When we are done, it is over - permanently.

Those traumatic memories become powerless, painless, and you are freed from their impact on your daily life.

Traditional counseling can only leave you with a better limp instead of true healing and freedom.

In contrast, nothing remains that can cause you pain or shame when we are finished with our Weekend Breakthrough.

Our goal together is nothing less than your complete healing from trauma and abuse memories.

Permanent. Complete. Healed.

A final but best outcome from a weekend counseling intensive is that you will have a relationship with the Lord that is deeper, sweeter, and more powerful than anything you have experienced before.

The Lord Heals Completely, Permanently, and Quickly

in a Weekend Breakthrough.

I'm Dr. Kim West and I’ve been doing what others say can’t be done for two decades – unleashing rapid, permanent healing for trauma, abuse and mental roadblocks.

I have a trauma and abuse background, so I understand the damage, the pain, and the relational issues that come from living with those memories.

I also know that trauma memories absolutely can be healed - quickly, completely, and permanently. He has done it for me and the hundreds I've worked with over two decades!

Our God is able and He is ready. A Weekend Breakthrough will set YOU free from past, painful memories and open your future wide.

You too can Experience the Joy and Freedom of Total Healing Through Christ!

The pain and shame will be gone and will never return.

My friends keep commenting on how different I am since the weekend breakthrough. I feel different too.

If I had known I could heal from my past in just a few days I would have done this years ago. Better late than never, right? Thank you, Kim. You have changed my entire future.


I walked into the weekend intensive with the weight of the world on my shoulders and walked out free as a bird.

God is so good and Dr. Kim is an amazing counselor.


You were an answer to prayer and a BLESSING that by God's grace I will never forget and will always be thankful for.

Every so often I think of you and thank GOD for you in helping me in such a powerful way i.e. saving my life, helping me put my soul back together and supporting me thru such a brutal time of suffering in my life.


Just one weekend and memories of trauma and abuse are healed

One weekend to strip off the old, limiting identity and put on the true, amazing, powerful you!

You will gain confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your dreams.

One weekend and that big life you should be living opens right up.

When the internal limits are removed, your influence, impact, and success can grow to whatever lengths you wish. Imagine what you will be able to do.









Let me answer some concerns

This won't work for me. You don't know what I've been through.

Every woman I worked with has thought this.  But, our God is great and able to heal even the deepest traumas. And, if this didn’t work for you then you would be the first one that God couldn’t heal.  I can’t imagine that happening.

“I’ve tried counseling before and it didn’t work”

Me too. I went through lots of counseling but the PTSD was still there, the deep, deep pain was still there and the anger was with me daily.  This weekend breakthrough is very different than traditional counseling and it has been 100% successful for every person I’ve worked with.

“There’s no way this healing can happen in a weekend”

I know it doesn’t seem possible, but it happens every time.  Everyone thinks this as we get started and no one thinks it when we are finished because Christ HAS healed them. Everyone who has completed a Weekend Breakthrough has sat there astonished at what Christ has done and filled with joy and freedom.



The sessions I had with Kim were amazing!

She encourages, empathizes, and is compassionate. Always pointing us to Christ. God is using Kim in a mighty way no doubt about that and God has truly gifted her with the ability to speak truth in such a short time.

God has gifted Kim with a uniqueness and style all of her own, she is being led by the Spirit and is willing to use her gifts and talents as the Lord leads. Kim radiates the love of Christ and the Holy Spirit within her is very powerful.

Read what God did in Mary's Weekend Breakthrough.

Weekend Breakthrough

Mary wanted to die. She was willing to try one last thing - a Weekend Breakthrough intensive. She didn't expect it to help but...

Are you ready to take back your life?

Trauma, abuse and painful memories limit our life. How much has it cost you so far? What could you have accomplished if you had been free years ago? Is now the time for your healing?

I would love to hear your story and tell you what our great God can do for you. Book a consultation and let's talk.

I'm telling you, the other side of pain and shame is amazing! I so want that for you.

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