You Don't Have the Right

to Play Small

Challenge your thinking

Change your world

You don't have the right to play small, to self-sabotage, to doubt yourself. That's NOT your story.

You could live unapologetically if you lived your true story.

I have looked in the mirror. I have looked at the women around me. I have not seen us living out our true story.

Instead, we are trying to live for Christ while appeasing those that say we are overstepping our bounds by doing so.

We achieve success but feel guilty for being a successful Christian woman. We don’t actually think that we deserve it because we are women and the messages that we receive tell us that we are not enough and less than.

For some of us, these messages started early in childhood. It is like the Chinese women whose feet were bound as children because it was thought that small feet were more attractive. It kept their feet from growing as they should have and eventually the constraints crippled them.

We have been crippled by a thousand messages that bound our hearts and ability to walk as God has designed us.

We doubt ourselves and our right to reach for a big life in Christ and so we subconsciously sabotage. We play small to fit the mold and because the more success we have the more we have to apologize for having it and feel that we are doing something inherently wrong.

Is this the story Christ died to give us?

When our identity is not fully in the truth of Christ, we live out a story that does not fit us and never will. No matter how hard we try we will never be comfortable in this wrong skin. The self-doubt, the inner bully, and the feeling of being not enough will be our constant companion…


We learn to strip off this too small self and put on our God-designed self.

Our true story is of a woman redeemed, restored, and renewed. It is a love story from a God that deeply loves and values women. We are His, fully, forever, and together with Him we are to make a real impact for His Kingdom.

We have a big God and a big calling. We just have some obstacles to living it out.

The lies that we have believed and implanted in ourselves about our identity have disconnected us from a true life in Christ, from our real selves, and from others.

It is not our story and we can stop living it.

There is a path back to our true selves and to strength and self-confidence. When we decide we have had enough and want to claim our original design, our true story, then the path opens up.

You can know the old story you’ve been living and see how it was not meant for you at all. You can learn the truth and put on the story written for you before the universe began.

This story is filled with joy and power, purpose and passion.

It is a story of overcoming and victorious living. It is your story! Do you know it? Do you want to?

In The Connected Heart Project a small group of us gather to uncover how this untrue identity was placed upon us, how to strip it off, and to put on the truth. Then, the world opens up! Then we step into who we were always meant to be and unapologetically live her out.

Imagine for a moment what that feels like.

Freedom to be you, to like you, to live who you are rather than what others want you to be.

Freedom to love and serve God in life, business, home, relationships, dreams. You don’t need permission or approval to be yourself. You get to be you and live your real story with Christ.

We don’t have the right to play small. It is not our story. It is not the story God has written for us. I can’t wait to read yours.


Last night I thought to myself, "I don't have to be a human doing, I get to choose to be a human being and sit at the feet of Jesus!" Thank you for that freedom! Thank you for providing a time and a place where I could safely let Him in to set me free to a new depth!


Be Fully You!

God has gifted Kim with a uniqueness and style all of her own, she is being led by the Spirit and is willing to use her gifts and talents as the Lord leads. Kim radiates the love of Christ and the Holy Spirit within her is very powerful.


Live In Joy!

Every day I wake up so grateful and aware of His intimate presence in my life! Now I no longer feel I have to look over my shoulder & wonder if I'm "doing enough" or "being enough" to please Him. God gets all the praise and glory for the work He has done. It's amazing to live in Joy! Thank you so much Kim!



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