You Are Not a Permanent

Victim of Your Past Unless You Choose To Be

Our God heals.

Quickly. Permanently. Joyfully. Completely.

You Are Not a Permanent Victim of Your Past

Unless You Choose To Be

Trauma memories can’t be fully healed, right? You will always feel the effects of your past, but you can learn to live with them, right again?

NO! Both are absolutely, provably wrong!

Yet, this is what most believe, including Christian counselors. This is what is taught, told, and lived out. And, it breaks my heart because it is not true!

Trauma, abuse, dysfunctional family of origin issues, imposter syndrome, and more are routinely healed completely and permanently for my clients. I've been doing it for over two decades.

I don’t believe in “tolerable recovery,” and neither should you. Because we have a God of the impossible. We have a God who is able to heal what the enemy has inflicted and restore us to wholeness.

Throw out the belief that you will always be damaged. Refuse to believe that this is the best life can be. Absolutely, do not settle for anything less than full freedom and healing.

You know the self-sabotaging, doubting, feeling not good enough part of you? All of that God is able to heal.

The memories that replay, the pain, and self-protectiveness that you live daily. Is it too big for God?

The shame. The pain. The memories. The broken relationships and the woman you dislike in the mirror? God is ready, willing, and able to bring you healing, joy, and peace. Seriously. YOU.

What would you do with your life if you were truly free from those things that are holding you back? This is your future set free from the past – actual recovery.

There is no need for years of therapy only to limp better through life.

In a single weekend, we can heal your past, remove the pain and shame, and bring forth the real, amazing, powerful woman you were always meant to be.

  • One weekend and past, painful memories are healed.

  • One weekend and the days of questioning your worth are over.

  • One weekend and you are set free from the voice that shames you daily

  • One weekend and the future is anything you want it to be.

For two decades I’ve been doing what others say cannot be done. I completely and permanently heal trauma, abuse, and mental roadblocks quickly and easily.

No years of therapy. No tolerable recovery, just removing all obstacles to success.

You see, now you are only a victim of your past if you choose to remain that way. Because real, permanent, and complete healing is available to you.

Your God is big and loving and ready. Are you?

I would love for you to read the story of a woman I had the privilege to work with in a Weekend Breakthrough. Read what God can do, did do for her. Then, picture yourself receiving the same healing.

When you are ready to be victorious over your pain, let's talk.

Read Mary's Story

She thought she would always struggle with her past wounds and she had almost given up hope.

Read how God changed her story of victim to victorious.

Future Changed

My friends keep commenting on how different I am since the Weekend Breakthrough. I feel different too.

If I had known I could heal from my past in just a few days I would have done this years ago. Better late than never, right? Thank you, Kim. You have changed my entire future.


Your Present Freed

For anyone, who needs and wants healing, without the whole months and/or years of counseling without any true and lasting freedom.

I highly recommend Dr. Kim West! I praise God for sending His chosen vessel along when He did.


In Christ

I think you are the best Christian counselor I've ever counseled with and I’ve been to a dozen in my lifetime.

In my spirit, I believe this is such a sacred calling and I hope God blesses you with many clients.



Overcome the past, break free from self-sabotage and inner negativity, find your true self and live a fulfilling life

Totally transform your life in just weeks -

Freedom, healing, personal and spiritual growth, real connections


Just one weekend and you can lose the anxiety, fears, wounds, guilt, sadness and obstacles that have kept you from truly living free. You don't have to stay a victim of your past pain. Freedom is yours if you want it.