Is Your God Too Small?

Good happens every day and every day evil rears it’s ugly head. But is your God too small to handle it? Is He not enough when you need Him most?

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Is Your God Too Small?

What do you think about God?

When a global tragedy strikes or you’re having a personal crisis? When you’re going about your day to day life and living in good times? Do you believe that God is intimately involved in bringing about good in your life or do you question

His motivations in hard times?

If you feel that life has become a storm that is drowning you do you turn to God immediately or do you feel that He

has abandoned you and you have to handle it yourself? Perhaps your understanding of who God is isn’t enough for you

to trust Him when life doesn’t make sense.

The point is: Is your God too small to handle your life?

Good happens every day and every day evil rears it’s ugly head. But is your God too small to handle it?

Is He not enough when you need Him most?

Maybe You Don’t Really Understand God - But You Want To

If you don’t know who God says that He is, if you don’t have a clear understanding of His attributes, character and plans then you might find who you THINK He is far too small to help you with life.

If you don’t know God’s greatness, goodness, wisdom, power, love then you are worshiping a God that isn’t truly God.

Knowing God Changes Everything

To know God is the beginning of all wisdom and the more you know God the greater the peace and power and wisdom for living you will have. To know God is:

  • To know and live in joy.

  • To experience rest and peace no matter your circumstances.

  • To find meaning and purpose for every moment of life.

  • To have complete confidence that your life is not only controlled by God but lovingly guided by your Father and Savior and Friend for your eternal good.

Every day then becomes an opportunity for worship and faith and you can actually walk through that valley of the shadow of death and be comforted in His presence and His goodness and fear no evil.

There is an all-knowing, all-seeing God of the heavens and earth that has a plan for you. Millennia before you were born he had a plan, and millennia after your grandchildren pass away He will still have a plan. But, if you don’t know or don’t understand this then life today is going to be one constant challenge.

To Know God

Would you like to know God in a way that impacts you, that truly makes a difference in your daily life? You know that life can come at you hard, but, this e-book will go into great depth to tell you of your God so those hard times are no longer fearful. Your faith will be enlarged, your heart will be comforted, you will find yourself in awe of Him and more readily to worship.

Knowing God brings wisdom for living and peace in the midst of strife!

Order this downloadable e-book and start right now to learn of this God that knows the number of hairs on your head and has loved you before He created time.

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