10 Days to Silence Your

Inner Bully

You don't have to live with a voice inside that bullies you. We will silence it and replace it with what God truly thinks of you. And, what He thinks is good.

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The Great Accuser of Your Soul Lives in Your Mind

Most of us have a voice in our head that is far from supportive. Instead, it belittles us, points out our mistakes and keeps our lives small.

It is a voice that started in our childhood. We took in the negatives that others said to us. We adopted the voices of those that didn't support us and we gave it a life of its own. At first, it was there to "help" us to be what we thought others wanted - to be good enough. Then, it became a bully that is relentlessly telling us that we are not good enough and never will be.

Every day, all day, your mind is busy talking.

There are the mundane things of your to do list, work, errands, family, friends and so on. Then there is the bully telling you how you are doing all of it wrong. Or maybe it specializes in a particular area of your life. Either way, it is a voice in your head that you don't want there.

Let's Take Back Your Life

Up till now, you probably felt powerless over what was happening to you. The inner bully was always there and just became part of your life.

You may have tried to ignore it. You may have fought with it over and over only to find that it fought back. You probably agreed with it at times and invited it in for tea to discuss just how truly worthless you are.


You have the power to change what is happening in your mind. You can replace the abusive words with the words of one who loves you.

You Don't Have to Continue This Abusive Relationship

Yes, the bully in your mind is abusing you! Daily, sometimes hourly it speaks words, not of life, but of defeat to your heart. Once you know how, you can not only silence it for good but replace it with the mind of Christ He gave you.

  • Identify the main themes of its message

  • Learn exactly how to silence your inner bully

  • Replace its messages with those that bring you joy and give you life

  • Connect with Truth Himself as He tells you who you really are (pretty much the exact opposite of what the bully tells you)

The TRUTH Will Set You Free

The inner bully lies to you. It distorts reality and makes you believe that you are worthless, not enough, a failure and more. That is NOT true and in this book I will prove it to you.

Imagine a mind that is peaceful. You can have it.

Imagine your mind thinking the thoughts of Christ. Absolutely available to you.

Imagine liking who you are rather than hearing such negative thoughts.

This book can truly change your daily life and bring you a peaceful, loving mind.

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