You can be free. You can be healed. You can be equipped.

Discover a deep, intimate love relationship with Christ that will be your joy and center. You can have a life in Christ that works.

What do you need for a big life in Christ?

to be Healed, Whole, and Free?

We are all at different places and stages but on the same path. Some of us need the deep healing of our hearts and souls that only Christ can bring to us. A Weekend Breakthrough will give you the freedom from the past and the pain, quickly and permanently.

Some of us need to reconnect with our true selves by stripping off what we were told we were and what we could do. Instead, we need to discover His design for us as we break free of an assigned identity and fully become ourselves. The Connected Heart Project is the place for true, lifelong transformation.

We might need counseling and coaching combined. Discover the amazing and powerful woman you were always meant to be through the True Life Intensive program.

Books, courses, the podcast, and blog are the icing on the top.

Weekend Breakthrough


Your Life Transformed in Days, Not Years!

Healed completely, permanently, and quickly. No need for years of therapy.

Connected Heart


Strip off all your limitations as you rebuild your heart on a whole new foundation. Three months to the new, true you!

True Life Coaching


If you are seeking a true mentor, life coach, counselor, spiritual director, and guide for a successful Christian life, then you have found her.

Books & Courses

Life transforming books, courses, and more to make your Christian life work the way it was always meant to.


Deep thoughts to challenge, inspire,

and grow your life in Christ into a no

fluff faith.


Listen in as I talk about a big life in Christ, our amazing God and what real faith looks like lived out.


counseling intensive

For anyone, who needs and wants healing, without the whole months and/or years of counseling without any true and lasting freedom.

I highly recommend Dr. Kim West! I praise God for sending His chosen vessel along when He did.

From the blog

Trauma, abuse, dysfunctional family of origin issues, imposter syndrome, and more are routinely healed completely and permanently for my clients.

For too long the enemy has taken us out through trauma, abuse, and the lies about who we truly are.

A mother wrote to her son to tell him what a true woman of God looks like. This woman is strong, smart, enterprising and to be respected.

You are who Christ says that you are. Only what Christ believes about you is important and true. Find yourself in Him as His beloved - valued, chosen, rejoiced in, loved and called to be His.

You could live unapologetically if you lived your true story.

I have looked in the mirror. I have looked at the women around me. I have not seen us living out our story.

Christian counseling that leaves one with a better limp is not a true reflection of our God.

He is God of the impossible so nothing less than complete and permanent healing from trauma and abuse should be acceptable.

Which One Do You Need?

Weekend Breakthrough

Completely healed of the pain and shame of the past in just one weekend. Be set free of the past and claim a free, joy-filled, and powerful future.

The Connected Heart Project

Connecting with Christ, yourself, and others as you claim the true you, remove obstacles to a powerful and joy-filled life and become empowered for success!

True Life Intensive

Counseling and coaching combined. Discover the amazing, powerful woman you were always meant to be.

Intentional, practical and incremental growth to a powerful you.

Wonder what keeps you from reaching your goals?

Is your life too small?

Download this free ebook and find out why.